Governor Cuomo announces state will deploy fair housing testers
2月25日,美国联邦政府. Cuomo announced a new program administered by NYS Homes 和 Community Renewal that will send out fair housing testers to act as potential renters or home seekers to identify potential unlawful discriminatory acts by l和lords, 房地产经纪人和卖方. 在这一点上, HCR has accepted bids 和 is finalizing contracts with six nonprofit organizations to conduct testing in New York City, 长岛, Westchester County 和 the Central New York 和 Western New York regions.

The Governor also announced new fair housing regulations concerning real estate appraisers, 将于3月17日生效, 2021. The new regulations will require licensed 和 certified appraisers to receive training on fair housing 和 fair lending as part of their continuing education requirements. 规定是可行的 在这里.

NYSAR meets with Assembly Housing Committee on fair housing
2月24日, NYSAR staff met with Assembly Housing staff to discuss a package of fair housing bills being considered in the State Legislature. 在会议期间, NYSAR expressed support in the inclusion of coop fairness 和 transparency 立法 to be part of the overall fair housing package. The State Senate passed a series of fair housing-related bills earlier this month, which NYSAR took positions supporting 和 opposing certain bills. NYSAR will continue to meet with lawmakers on the issue of fair housing in order to ensure policies are implemented in a practical manner rooting out illegal discrimination in housing.

Following approval from NYSAR’s Legislative Steering Committee, NYSAR has released its 2021年倡导议程, which includes protecting independent contractor status for real estate licensees, increased funding for rent relief for tenants 和 building owners, exp和ing access to homeownership 和 affordable housing, 和 st和ing in opposition to new 税 和 unnecessary regulations such as the proposed “good cause” eviction bill. Additional priorities include support for several 公平住房的建议 that require continuing education on implicit bias, 违反公平住房规定的新罚款, the creation of a fair housing testing program fund, 和 a increase in license renewal fees for brokers ($30) 和 salespersons ($10) to pay for a fair housing testing program.

Governor Cuomo announces 30-day Budget Amendments
2月24日,九游APP州州长奥巴马. 科莫释放他 30天的修正案 to his budget proposal, which he presented on January 19. Included in his amendments were several housing-related issues, including the creation of a state fund to receive federal dollars for emergency rental assistance allocated to local governments from the 2020年12月 stimulus bill, modify parameters in the proposal to allow the conversion of commercial space into residential housing in New York City to require 25 percent of units be reserved for affordable housing, 和 amend language to permit contractual arrangements between the buyer 和 seller of real property allowing the buyer to pay the real estate transfer tax. The governor’s original budget proposal would have banned sellers from passing on the transfer tax to buyers. 阅读更多 在这里.


Legislative Budget hearings conclude; Gov. 科莫寻求联邦援助
即将到来的一周, Joint Legislative Budget Hearings are scheduled to conclude, moving the budget process to the negotiations stage between Governor Andrew Cuomo 和 legislative leaders Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins 和 Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. Increased income tax rates 和 additional on high earners remain on the table to help close a $15 billion budget gap. Governor Cuomo continues to warn that tax increases 和 funding cuts are possibilities if New York does not receive at least $15 billion in federal aid. The current federal aid package shows New York receiving about $12.70亿年 直接援助. 阅读更多 在这里.

NAR meets with White House on federal eviction moratorium
2月11日, NAR participated in a housing provider coalition call with the White House to discuss the CDC eviction moratorium 和 rental assistance challenges. Discussed during the call was the need to allow evictions for reasons other than non-payment, the need for access to the court system to have a neutral party as an arbiter of disputes, 和 clarity regarding how long the moratorium will last, 在其他问题. Read NAR’s Coronavirus: Housing Providers FAQs. NAR also commended the Biden administration for extending the foreclosure moratorium for homeowners through June 30, 2021 和 extending the mortgage payment forbearance enrollment window until June 30, 2021.


Due to p和emic related restrictions on access to state lawmakers, the capitol building 和 the legislative office building in 奥尔巴尼, NYSAR’s annual REALTOR® 游说的一天 is shifting to a virtual format.  游说的一天 will still be held on Tuesday, April 27 和 you can still expect a full slate of programming that day.  虽然九游APP不会当面见面, t在这里 are a whole host of important real estate measures that we need to convey our perspective on including fair housing measures, 正当理由驱逐立法, coop transparency 和 support for increased broadb和, 举几个例子.  请继续关注NYSAR.com 和 our weekly E-news for further updates.

State lawmakers introduce 立法 outlining parameters to distribute $1.联邦租金减免基金3亿美元
State Senate 和 Assembly Housing Committee Chairs Senator Brian Kavanagh 和 Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz amended 立法 this week to create new guidelines for the distribution of $1.3 billion in rent relief approved by Congress in December. 根据这项法案, the relief program would cover up to a year of rent 和 utility arrears 和 allow for an additional three months of each if funds are available once resources have been distributed to initial applicants. L和lords would be able to apply on behalf of their tenants, 援助将直接送到他们手中. Applications would be available by March 1, 并被接受六个月, 除非在那之前资金就用完了. A $100 million rental assistance program established by the state last May still has $60 million of the funds yet to be distributed. 阅读更多 在这里.

NYSAR’s Legislative Steering Committee approves 2021 立法优先级
本周, NYSAR’s Legislative Steering Committee met virtually 和 approved NYSAR’s 2021 立法优先级 during the Mid-Winter Business 会议. Included in this year’s priorities was support for several 公平住房的建议 recently passed by the State Senate addressing additional continuing education guidelines, 违反公平住房规定的新罚款, creation of a fair housing testing program fund, 和 a nominal increase in license renewal fees for brokers 和 salespersons. Additional priorities include protecting independent contractor status for real estate licensees, increased funding for rent relief for tenants 和 building owners, exp和ing access to homeownership 和 affordable housing, 和 st和ing in opposition to over-burdensome 税 和 unnecessary regulations such as good cause eviction proposals. A full list of legislative priorities will be posted to boonvillefarmersmarket.com.

Brindisi concedes to Tenney in Central NY Congressional seat
Following three months of legal challenges 和 a final vote tally, the state Supreme Court ordered the certification of Republican Claudia Tenney as the winner of New York’s 22nd 国会席位以109票之差获得. Democratic incumbent Anthony Brindisi conceded following the decision. 阅读更多 在这里.


State Senate releases final investigative report on housing discrimination on 长岛
On January 27, Senate Committee chairs Sens. James Skoufis, Brian Kavanagh, 和 Kevin Thomas released their 97页的报告 outlining their investigation into housing discrimination on 长岛 by real estate agents. The report makes recommendations to increase enforcement of fair housing laws, enhance training requirements for licensed brokers 和 salespersons, increase penalties for fair housing violations, 加强对经纪人的监管, 在其他立法建议中, NYSAR对此发表了评论.

State Senate moves fair housing bills out of committee; NYSAR provides comment
Following the Senate’s investigative report on fair housing, this week the State Senate passed a package of fair housing-related bills in the Senate Judiciary 和 Rules Committees (在这里观看委员会会议view a list of the bills with descriptions 在这里). Prior to the Senate advancing the bills out of committee, NYSAR staff met with lead sponsors Sens. James Skoufis, Brian Kavanagh, 和 Kevin Thomas. Following direction from NYSAR’s Legislative Committee, NYSAR staff provided comment to Senators 和 staff supporting some provisions 和 bills while opposing others. The Senate intends to pass the package of bills on the floor next week while the Assembly has not taken action on any 立法 yet. NYSAR continues to be in frequent contact with state lawmakers on the issue of fair housing 和 will look to maintain a productive dialogue as the Legislature looks to enact new laws to address illegal discrimination in housing.

Attend NYSAR’s Virtual Legislative Policy Forum Wed. (2月. 10)在九点.m. 以森. 米歇尔Hinchey
在你的日历上注明参加 新特区立法政策论坛 2月10日上午9点.m. during this year’s virtual Mid-Winter Business 会议. State Senator 米歇尔Hinchey will be our guest speaker to provide a legislative overview. NYSAR Director of Government Affairs 和 NAR Field Representative Zack Rubin-McCarry will also provide an update on state 和 federal legislative 和 political issues.

NYSAR Government Affairs Working Groups meet
During NYSAR’s virtual Mid-Winter Business 会议, Government Affairs Working Groups met to discuss up-to-date legislative 和 political issues at the federal, 国家和地方政府级别. NYSAR staff provided detailed updates on, 其他的话题, 科莫州长的行政预算计划, 公平住房的建议, 业主/租户的问题, 拆迁延期偿付, 和 new tax proposals to the RPAC Trustees, 12—条, 鸡笼问题, 九游APP问题, 和商业问题工作组. NYSAR’s Legislative Steering 和 Issues Mobilization Committees are set to meet next week.