Conflict of Interest Policy

担任九游APP州房地产经纪人协会的官员、董事或志愿委员会成员®, Inc. or any of its affiliated entities 1 (collectively, “NYSAR”)引发了对NYSAR的某些道德和法律义务. 其中一项义务是领导者对NYSAR所负的受托责任. 这一信义义务要求在履行NYSAR职能时采取合理的谨慎态度, exhibiting honesty, 诚信,包括对NYSAR的照顾和忠诚的责任. 诚信和忠诚的职责要求领导者避免利益冲突,维护NYSAR的最佳利益, not those of the Leader.

If you are a director, officer, or committee member, click here 审阅完整的利益冲突政策及摄影发布声明.

Policy on Conflicts of Interest,
Confidentiality, Corporate Opportunity
Acceptance of Gifts, Gratuities, and Entertainment
And Photo Release Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

作为官员或主任或志愿委员会成员(每一个)服务, 以下统称为“领导者”)为九游APP州房地产经纪人协会®, Inc. or any of its affiliated entities 1(collectively, “NYSAR”)引发了对NYSAR的某些道德和法律义务. 其中一项义务是领导者对NYSAR所负的受托责任. 这一信义义务要求在履行NYSAR职能时采取合理的谨慎态度, exhibiting honesty, 诚信,包括对NYSAR的照顾和忠诚的责任. 诚信和忠诚的职责要求领导者避免利益冲突(定义如下),维护NYSAR的最佳利益, not those of the Leader.

当领导参与NYSAR某一问题的决策过程,同时又有其他业务时,可能存在利益冲突, 专业或个人的兴趣,可能会使领导者在这个问题上倾向于偏见或倾向. 领导者的受托责任也要求领导者避免挪用项目和活动, 尤其是属于NYSAR的商业前景. 领导人还必须保持NYSAR信息的机密性. These obligations run from the Leader to NYSAR as a whole.

即使领导者可能是由地区任命或选举的,或者是由领导者在特定公司或实践领域的专业职位决定的, 领导的主要义务是作为一个组织对NYSAR, not to the Leader’s constituency.

The following policies apply to all Leaders of NYSAR.

Conflict of Interest Defined

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, 利益冲突是:“一个用于与公职人员和受托人以及他们与私人利益或利益事项的关系有关的术语.如果以下规定和程序与联邦或州法律不一致, the law shall control. For purposes of this policy, 下列情形应视为造成利益冲突:


  1. is a principal, partner, officer, director, member, manager, 代理, associate, trustee, personal representative, receiver, guardian, custodian, conservator, consultant to, legal representative or owner of, 提供产品或服务的企业(“本企业”)的任何利益, or competing with, NYSAR;
  2. is a principal, partner, officer, director, member, manager, 代理, associate, trustee, personal representative, receiver, guardian, custodian, conservator, consultant to, legal representative of or owner of, 被视为产品或服务供应商的任何利益, or competing with NYSAR; or
  3. 持有本业务中任何其他独特和/或实质利益, financial, material, or otherwise, such as a personal, employer-employee, competitor, contractor-contractee, shareholder or governance relationship with the Business.
  4. 持有企业中的任何家族利益,“家族利益”被定义为配偶持有的利益, domestic partner, parent, child, spouse of a child, brother, sister, spouse of a brother or sister, cousin, spousal cousin or other family members.

Other Definitions

  1. “Related party” means (i) any director, officer or key employee of the corporation or any affiliate of the corporation; (ii) any relative of any director, officer or key employee of the corporation or any affiliate of the corporation; or (iii) any entity in which any individual described in clauses (i) and (ii) of this subparagraph has a thirty-five percent or greater ownership or beneficial interest or, in the case of a partnership or professional corporation, 直接或间接的所有权权益超过百分之五.
  2. “Related party transaction” means any transaction, 相关方在该协议或任何其他安排中拥有财务利益,且NYSAR或NYSAR的任何关联公司在该协议或任何其他安排中.

Conflict of Interest Procedures

在NYSAR就业务进行任何讨论之前或开始时,存在实际或潜在利益冲突的NYSAR领导人必须立即向董事会披露与实际或潜在利益冲突有关的所有重要事实. 如果上述利益冲突发生在董事会会议之前, 此类冲突应通过NYSAR首席执行官以书面形式提交给总统. If the Conflict of Interest arises during a meeting, such disclosure shall be done verbally to the President. 领导者应立即避免任何可能影响NYSAR参与业务的决定的行动.

这些领导人在讨论期间应免出席会议,并应在免出席前回答所有问题. 除应邀出席会议回答问题外,他们不得参与或听取有关问题的讨论. 此类领导人不应试图对该问题施加任何个人影响, either in or outside of the meeting.

Furthermore, 任何有利益冲突的领导人均不得就其有利益冲突的任何事项投票,亦不得在会议室讨论时在场, deliberations, or any vote is taken on the matter.

会议记录应反映任何此类披露, 应当包括与利益冲突有关的重要事实, that the Leader was excused from the discussion, deliberation, 并对此事进行表决,而该领袖并未对此事进行表决.

在这种情况下,不完全清楚是否存在利益冲突, 存在潜在利益冲突的领导应在任何讨论开始时披露相关情况. 当, by a majority vote of the committee, 决定利益冲突影响一个或多个委员会成员, 在实况调查期间,受影响的委员会成员不得以任何方式出席或参与, 委员会讨论/审议或投票决定冲突的办公室. 受影响的委员应由候补委员代替, 候补委员应有充分的委员参与权和表决权, 只要委员会还没有确定候补人选也有利益冲突. 如委员会委员及候补委员均不符合资格或无法出席委员会会议, 不应再为另一名候补人员编列经费. 在NYSAR董事会收到通知之前,受影响的委员会成员(包括候补成员)将不会被告知委员会的最终建议.

In the event a related party transaction occurs, 该交易应记录在会议记录中,并且该交易已被董事会评估并被认为是公平的, reasonable, and in NYSAR’s best interest.

Corporate Opportunities Policy

Any Leader who learns of a business opening, investment, opportunity, project, or program that may be of beneficial interest to NYSAR, 如果不先把这个机会提供给NYSAR,可能不会在NYSAR之外寻求这个机会. Only if NYSAR decides not to proceed (i.e.,放弃这样的公司机会),Leader可以独立于NYSAR进行.

注意:任何领导人都不得从事与NYSAR相同的商业活动, 但领导者必须在不损害NYSAR的情况下,以善意的方式进行自己的活动. For example2, 假定领导者在委员会的服务包括向NYSAR成员提供九游APP官网课程的开发. 将委员会的工作用于为领导人的个人或家庭经济利益创建九游APP官网课程,将是违反本政策的. Further, and in this regard, the Leader does hereby assign to NYSAR all right, title, 对任何信息或材料都感兴趣, conceived, or created relating to all NYSAR projects, including all copyrights and other proprietary interests.

Confidentiality Policy

领导者必须(A)保密,不得向任何人披露或要求任何人披露, other than NYSAR, any information determined as confidential with such determination of confidentiality being determined at NYSAR’s sole discretion; (b) keep any materials containing confidential information in a safe and secure place to protect against inadvertent disclosure; and (c) preserve confidential information indefinitely, even after expiration of the Leader’s service. Upon expiration of the Leader’s service, the Leader must promptly return to NYSAR, upon request, 发送给领导人或由领导人获得的与领导人在NYSAR工作有关的任何包含机密信息的材料. For example, assume that the executive committee, during its search for a CEO, 指定审议工作为“机密”,以维护搜查工作的完整性. 除非因执行委员会的业务或法律的要求,否则领导向委员会以外的任何人披露该等讨论将违反本政策.

Gifts, Gratuities and Entertainment Policy

No Leader may accept gifts, entertainment or other favors from any individual, 正在或正在寻求与NYSAR开展业务的实体或组织, or one that has received, is receiving or is seeking to receive or secure, NYSAR作出的财务承诺,或在任何可能推断此类行动旨在影响领导人履行其职责的情况下作出的财务承诺. This does not, however, 排除接受与NYSAR的任何特定交易或活动无关的价值或价值无关的物品或娱乐.

Review of Policy


本政策应在任何领导人的首次选举之前分发, and annually thereafter, such leader shall complete, 签署并向NYSAR秘书提交一份书面声明, to the best of the leader’s knowledge, any entity of which such leader is an officer, director, trustee, member, the owner (either as a sole proprietor or a partner), 或与本协会有关系的雇员, 以及NYSAR参与的任何交易,而交易的领导者可能有利益冲突. 该政策要求每位领导人每年重新提交一份书面声明. NYSAR的秘书应向NYSAR的总统提供一份完整报表的副本.

本政策每年由NYSAR董事会进行审查. 政策的任何变更应立即通知所有领导.

Photo Release Policy

You grant permission to NYSAR, its employees, 代理和指定在任何NYSAR材料(印刷/数字媒体)中拍摄和使用您的照片/视频图像/肖像, online uses, email blasts, 等.) for an indefinite period of time without compensation. NYSAR拥有所有权利,包括照片/视频媒体的版权.

1 For purposes of this Conflict of Interest Policy, “NYSAR”应被视为包括与九游APP州房地产经纪人协会有关联的任何和所有实体®, Inc. 包括但不限于NYSAR房地产服务公司., foundations, 等…

2 在这些不同的政策中给出的任何例子都只是为了说明的目的,在本质上并不排斥.