房地产经纪人® 荣誉学会

的房地产经纪人® 荣誉学会 recognizes board/association members for their involvement during the previous elective year. 的 荣誉学会报告表 must be completed and signed by an officer or executive officer of the board/association. 然后,这些表格被发送到NYSAR进行验证和批准. 如果个人被批准获奖, the pin and certificate are sent to the local board/association along with a bill for the same. 证书和pin的费用是10美元加税. 对房地产经纪人® 荣誉学会积分图, 点击这里.

请将填妥的表格交回慈善美利, NYSAR, 华盛顿大街130号, 奥尔巴尼, NY 12210或PDF附件到 (电子邮件保护)

NYSAR房地产经纪人® 今年的

的房地产经纪人® 年度最佳奖 is the highest honor the 九游APP State Association of 房地产经纪人S® 可以赠予会员吗. It is presented annually to an individual whose dedication to excellence has most profoundly enhanced the professional image of 房地产经纪人S® 在九游APP州. 这个奖项是授予房地产经纪人的® 年度最佳个人领导能力及服务质素, applied not only to the real e状态 industry but also to the promotion of civic, 社区及慈善事业. 的 award, while not granted for a specific business accomplishment, is earned by 房地产经纪人S® 谁在房地产行业中留下了印记.

In addition to being recognized at the General Session during the NYSAR Fall Business 会议 at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, 九游APP, 的NYSAR房地产经纪人® 的会员将获得登记, round trip air transportation and up to three (3) nights’ accommodations to the National Association of 房地产经纪人S® Annual 会议 and Trade Exposition in order to participate in the NAR 房地产经纪人® 识别程序.

联系NYSAR Board Relations & 职业标准助理Charity Murray, 518.463.0300或电邮至 (电子邮件保护) 有问题的. 申请截止日期已延至2021年7月30日(星期五).

2021年房地产经纪人® 年度最佳候选人提名表格.


NYSAR认可九游APP房地产经纪人® 感谢他们对房地产经纪人的贡献® organization and the communities in which they live and work with the NYSAR 社区服务奖项. 最多三(3)名房地产经纪人® will be recognized for their activities in their community and such as involvement supporting initiatives aimed at a community’s youth, 或者提高九游APP官网质量, 提高美国老年人的生活质量, 预防无家可归以及自然灾害后的努力.

联系NYSAR Board Relations & 职业标准助理Charity Murray, 518.463.0300或电邮至 (电子邮件保护) 有问题的.  申请截止日期已延至2021年7月30日(星期五).



的 candidates nominated for this honor must have made significant industry contributions throughout their career and are also judged on their participation in local activities, 国家协会, NAR, 和公民组织. 的se leaders are true professionals and outstanding citizens of their community.

不超过两个房地产经纪人® 每年都会被授予的荣誉. 的 recipient(s) are selected by the NYSAR Awards Committee who will name one, 两个, or no recipients based on the nominations submitted by individuals and local associations.

的 艾伦·亚斯基杰出服务奖 shall be presented at the Fall Business 会议 of NYSAR.

的 艾伦·亚斯基杰出服务奖 recipient shall have a minimum of 25 years of service within the real e状态 industry and shall currently be a 房地产经纪人® 持有有效房产证的会员. Years of service while a member of another 状态/local association is accepted.

每个地方理事会/协会只会考虑一名候选人, 而是一个董事会/协会,而不是他或她自己的”或任何其他房地产经纪人®"可提名候选人. 的 nominating association may contact the candidate to secure the information required to complete the nomination. 不应有任何争取这个奖项的活动.

Letters of endorsement and/or recommendation in support of this candidate will be accepted from the president and/or association executive of the nominating and/or board/association ONLY. Letters can be mailed/emailed to NYSAR’s Board and Member Services Department by the nomination deadline. 不应征求或提交其他建议.

要求提供一张最近的数码照片,如果没有的话, 照片可在提名截止日期前邮寄至NYSAR.

每年的提名过程, 所有的提名, 除了那些被选中的, will be discarded and will not be automatically considered the following year. 只有提交新的提名,候选人才会被考虑.

的 艾伦·亚斯基杰出服务奖 is based on the following criteria:


包括国家一级的所有贡献和服务.e. 委员会的任务, 特殊作业, 参与PAC活动, 会议出席, 办公室举行, 研讨会的活动, 九游APP官网工作, membership and 办公室举行 in local chapters of the institutes or other related organizations.


包括所有的九游APP州房地产经纪人协会® 在国家层面上的贡献和服务,我.e. 委员会任务,出席商务会议和办公室举行. 参加立法会议, 号角, RPAC事件, 研讨会, 作为教师进行九游APP官网项目, in-board/association and out of local board association visits to other associations, 附属组织成员资格, 以及其他国家赞助的活动.


包括所有NAR的贡献和服务.e. 委员会的任务, 参加工作小组和/或工作小组, 作为委员会联络人服务, 参与号角, 持续出席NAR会议,如大会, 希尔访问, 或其他全国性会议, 办公室举行, 会员资格在任何协会中持有, 社会或委员会, visits made to out of 九游APP associations as speaker or guest and any other national-水平 activity.


列出与商会工作有关的活动或参与情况, 非营利组织和对社区的文化贡献, 活动, 担任的政治职务(有薪或无薪). 例子包括市议会, 镇议会, 监事会, 郡议会, 学校董事会, 计划委员会, 等.


List contributions that have enhanced the image of the real e状态 professional, 这个行业, and/or include examples of the nominee’s participation as a mentor or role model to new members at the local, 状态, 或国家层面.

联系NYSAR Board Relations & 职业标准助理Charity Murray, 518.463.0300或电邮至 (电子邮件保护) 有问题的. 申请截止日期已延至2021年7月30日(星期五).


地方委员会/房地产经纪人协会® 年度最佳奖

当地的董事会/协会房地产经纪人® award recognizes outstanding personal leadership skills along with 这个行业 and civic commitment of one NYSAR member. 的 2021 awards will be presented during the NYSAR Mid-Winter Business 会议.

联系NYSAR Board Relations & 职业标准助理Charity Murray, 518.463.0300或电邮至 (电子邮件保护) 有问题的.

点击这里 索取提名表格.

房地产经纪人® 名誉

A 房地产经纪人® 名誉 is any person who has held membership in the National Association as a 房地产经纪人®,房地产经纪人® 联系, 或者两者兼有, for a cumulative period of 40 years in one or more 协会 of 房地产经纪人S®,有资格成为房地产经纪人® 名誉地位. Upon approval by the Board of Directors of the National Association of 房地产经纪人S®, no further payment of dues is necessary to the 九游APP State Association of 房地产经纪人S® 或者全国房地产经纪人协会®. 地方委员会/协会也可以免除会费.

会费减免直到下一年才生效. 例如, members approved as 名誉 at the NAR Mid-Year or Annual meetings in 2017 would have their dues waived starting in 2018. 经批准后,每位房地产经纪人® 名誉 member will receive a congratulatory letter, certificate and 40-year 房地产经纪人® 名誉翻领销. 此外,房地产经纪人® 退休人员不受四年一次的道德培训要求. NYSAR对房地产经纪人进行评估® 名誉 list after each meeting of the NAR Board of Directors and publishes the names of the members who have earned this designation.

如果你相信你符合要求实现房地产经纪人® 名誉地位 as defined above and would like to have all future national, 状态 & 请免除当地的会费 点击这里 下载地产代理资料® 名誉的应用程序. 在大多数情况下, local boards and associations review and submit the applications to the National Association of 房地产经纪人S®. 如果你有任何关于房地产经纪人的问题® 荣誉退休,你可以联系NYSAR董事会关系 & 职业标准助理Charity Murray, 518.463.0300或电邮至 (电子邮件保护).

注意:所有房地产经纪人® 名誉的应用程序s must be submitted by the deadlines specified by the National Association of 房地产经纪人S® 每年.

On June 15, 2018, boards and associations will be able to submit members eligible for 房地产经纪人® 在11月的房地产经纪人会上申请退休资格® 会议 & 今年在马萨诸塞州波士顿举行了世博会. 完成房地产经纪人认证表格的最后期限® 荣誉退休将于2018年10月2日生效. 为了符合资格,成员必须持有作为房地产经纪人的会员资格®,房地产经纪人®-ASSOCIATE,或两者兼而有之,累计40年.

提醒一下,从2019年开始,房地产经纪人® 名誉地位 eligibility will be 40 continuous years as a member of the National Association of 房地产经纪人S® and each candidate member must also have completed at least one (1) year of service at the National Association of 房地产经纪人S® 水平. 国家一级的服务被定义为国家房地产经纪人协会的官员, 导演, 委员会成员, 联邦政治协调, 或总统的联络.